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In a time of growing intolerance and aggressive invasion, a united path forward seems all the more perilous. Still, we firmly believe media has the power to bridge divides when it amplifies meaningful conversations led by voices who are otherwise underrepresented in mainstream media.


Our editorial relies strongly on in-depth interviews with community changemakers who prove their influence toward positive lasting change – from addressing social inequality to saving the planet from environmental ruin.

Representing the diverse voices of our local social impact leaders, we can creatively and critically encourage greater collaboration in what can feel like an increasingly divisive environment and help find our common human ground.

To help us scale our stories' impact, please consider a $50 subscription (2 issues included). Whether a single gift or a bulk order, your donation supports community-driven media & the organizations we feature -- you make it possible for us to distribute print copies free within our partner network of high-traffic community venues so these stories more accessible. 

Media experts watch with grave concern the slow decline of local journalism in the United States. Impact.Edition's mission is to reverse this negative trend by amplifying the authentic voices of local changemakers, increasing awareness about the issues that matter to our communities, and inspiring locals to act for a more just, more sustainable world.

This current subscription package includes two print issues (Issue  02, 2023  & Issue 03, 2024). The price of each issue includes the production cost plus publisher markup (50% donation). Your donation supports community-driven media & the organizations we feature. Thank you! 

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Bulk order of magazine

If you want to place an order for 10 or more copies of the current issue, please contact us directly. Each copy of the magazine will cost $15 (+ shipping on actual). 

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Printed books or digital publications

We offer permission to reprint an entire article in a printed book or digital publication or website. Please contact us. 


Free Digital Copyright

We encourage you to share our stories with your network. Please feel free to link to our articles as often as you would like. 

You’ll find inspiration in this collection of our most in-depth, inspiring stories of people driving change fearlessly and tirelessly.

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