In a time of growing intolerance and aggressive invasion, a united path forward seems all the more perilous. Still, we firmly believe media has the power to bridge divides when it amplifies meaningful conversations led by voices who are otherwise underrepresented in mainstream media.


Our editorial relies strongly on in-depth interviews with community changemakers who prove their influence toward positive lasting change – from addressing social inequality to saving the planet from environmental ruin.

Absorbing and representing the diverse voices of our local social impact leaders, we can creatively and critically encourage greater collaboration in what can feel like an increasingly divisive environment and help find our common human ground.

In 2022, The Library of Congress assigned the official International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) to Impact.Edition’s premiere magazine, ISSN 2832-4692. We are strongly committed to releasing it twice per year, with complimentary distribution to our community partners to strengthen our community reach and voice.  

We are working on the next edition coming January 2023. As a nonprofit community media, we need your support to help scale our print run to 1000+ copies and distribute the magazine complimentary within our partner network. The more meaningful stories we can share, the more we can serve and impact. 

Please consider the one-year subscription purchase (2 issues included) of the upcoming print magazine. With this donation, you support independent community journalism dedicated to sustainable development and collective impact in our communities.