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IMPACT.EDITION is an intellectual media space convening hundreds of impact ambassadors and changemakers who make a sustainable impact in their communities and create lasting change for Miami and beyond. 

Founded in 2019, Impact.Edition produces authoritative, cutting-edge articles on  the following topics: Art for Impact / Business for Good / Climate Change / In This Together / Social Justice. Impact.Edition emphasizes cross-sector solutions to global problems and highlights individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the field. 

We aim to fill the gap in the fragmented news landscape and among our neighborhoods. Through our publications, social media efforts, impact advocacy, research, networking, we articulate sustainable, alternative development among diverse groups to strengthen our broader communities’ capacity for advocacy and resistance.

We are proud to serve a truly diverse audience by intentionally connecting groups underrepresented in mainstream media, including student startups, nonprofit organizations, immigrants-powered ventures, small social entrepreneurs, young artists to expand their reach. We also recognize substantial organizations such as impact investing firms, academic institutions, enterprises that empower people of impact.


We provide media coverage support for social entrepreneurs, changemakers, nonprofit activists to help them share their voice, knowledge, experience for a better world and broader representation. 


If you consider yourself to be a good fit, please review our submission guidelines for contributors and guest writers below.


We would love to learn about how you are working for a sustainable tomorrow within your community! 

Impact.Edition Guide to a Good Article

  • Which of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals does this story connect to?

  • The problem for which you've developed a high-impactful & long-lasting solution should be clearly described and backed up by your experiences. 

  • We seek to present inspiring, original, and meaningful content about changemakers and long-lasting social impact & environmental solutions — maximum of 1,200 words.

  • The goal is not to promote or profile your company or accomplishments but to analyze your experiences for innovative insights and contributions to the global sustainable development agenda.

Submission Steps

Submissions, whether full drafts or proposals for articles, must be in Microsoft Word .docx format. This can take anywhere from two to 12 weeks, depending on where we are in our publication cycle and whether you want to be considered for the magazine or only online. We aim to respond to all submissions in a timely manner:


  1. Submit your draft or proposal to the online editorial team at /

  2. Share the author's or authors' organizational affiliation and titles.

  3. Provide a short headline of 10 to 15 words that captures the essence of your article.

  4. Summary: In 150 words or fewer, outline the problem you are solving, summarize your solution & long-lasting impact you create for your community. 

Originality, Copyright, Republishing

Impact.Edition  asks all authors to verify that their article has not appeared elsewhere and that they will not submit it to another publication unless Impact.Edition declines to publish it. Upon agreeing to publish an article, Impact.Edition requires that all authors transfer exclusive copyright, including the right to electronic distribution, for the article to Impact.Edition. Impact.Edition does not permit the reproduction of its articles on other platforms unless such undertakings are agreed upon and defined in a separate contract. 

Authors are responsible for verifying all facts, including dates of events and spellings of proper names. Impact.Edition editors have the final say on creating and selecting headlines, illustrations, and other ancillary content.  

Authors should provide citations for all direct quotations, paraphrased statements, important facts, and borrowed ideas. In your initial draft, be sure to state clearly which ideas and language are yours and which ones are drawn from someone else. 

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