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In a captivating mashup of art and science, artist Jorge Barron (a.k.a. Tuyi) measures factors of energy in the environment he’ll turn into a mural. The measurements become formulas for his design concepts and improve the energetic vibrations that he feels impact the space and those who surround it.

By Yulia Strokova

Wynwood Art District, Miami, Fl | Art design + Design concept: @tuyiart | Artists: @eskat_valerio @unegsurfer

Tuyi’s unique approach to street art is built upon the principles of String Theory, the idea that strings of energy vibrate at resonant frequencies, but the strings are so tiny that you never perceive the vibrations directly, only their consequences.

For him, it seems the explanation for the way humans, individually and as communities, connect and find comfort in art. Tuyi was an 18-years old Mexican student when he first learned about the String Theory. It happened in Germany; he moved from a Mexican city Tlalnepantla to Münster to study business administration.

He traveled across Europe, admiring and learning urban art from the old world. Combined with his marketing degree, the experience guided him to a new kind of urban art vision that could impact the well-being of society.

"I admire the urban art community around the world, both for their magnificent techniques and creative proposals. I believe that walls, just the same as screens, can be used to transmit messages of positive awareness and reflection."

In 2017, Tuyi came to Miami by invitation to create a mural titled 'I love Taco.'

"I'm from Mexico," explains Tuyi. "This is our glue for souls, something that unites people across the distances and borders. Everyone loves tacos. It's not just a corn tortilla topped with a filling. It's my message of unity amongst all of us."

His next Wynwood artwork appeared at the same place, near the entrance of the Miami Limited Edition gallery. Empathy, kindness, tolerance are consequences of love that we can share, despite your background, age, social status. 'Good vibes and mucho Amor' is a message that lives forever.

"In the middle of the magical desert, the mystical deer and the Xoloitzcuintle come together. The surrounding colors spring from the joy of Taiyari's heart. The power of her soul brings pink clouds that arise from her thoughts. She does not know about the borders but bears within her heart the answer to everything. The little girl's happiness is the nectar the hummingbird drinks from.”

"Graffiti artist doesn't care of his ego," says Tuyi. "The more important how long we can feel those art vibrations in our minds and hearts."

Sometimes, those messages shout. Sometimes, they are more like a whisper. Sometimes, you taste them, sweet and consuming, like nectar with Amor.


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