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A list of doing-good, sustainable holiday presents from Miami small businesses

We’ve been looking forward to choosing gifts for our loved ones that might make them feel our presence despite the distance during a holiday season -- and a year -- unlike any other.

Still, it isn’t just the meaning our gifts hold to their recipients. What we buy, where our money goes, matters most to the small businesses supporting their families and giving back to their communities. So, we curated a list of Miami small businesses making a difference -- from empowering women to preventing deforestation & providing all-natural and ethically-sourced products that spark joy and fuel an ever-growing community of social entrepreneurs.

Let’s get gifting.


Soyciety Candles

After discovering how toxic most commercial candles can be, Soyciety began handcrafting chemical-free and naturally-sourced candles. Using 100% all natural soy and kosher wax, their candles also serve as massage oil or moisturizer once melted. Their wood wicks are sourced from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

This is possible because the biodegradable wax is made from soybeans that are harvested by American farmers and do not damage the environment. Not only are their candles multipurpose, they also burn longer and are completely safe to use around children, pets and people with asthma.

Shop | Starting at $7.00

Kreyòl Essence

A shop full of natural and ethical beauty products from Haiti, Kreyol Essence was founded by Yve-Car Momperousse, Haitian activist, to stimulate the country’s economy after the 2010 earthquake. Their all-natural products not only help your hair, skin and body, they are also helping the environment, reviving the Haitian economy and empowering women. After the earthquake, women experienced more poverty and gender-based violence due to unemployment. To prevent this, 90% of their staff are women and they support job creation while stimulating the GDP. They have planted 100,000 castor trees which reduces deforestation, soil erosion and gas emission in Haiti.

Shop | Starting at $15.00


This local apparel and home decor shop was founded by two cousins who have a passion for style, creativity and self expression. Standing for “one of a kind,” everything in the boutique is unique, natural and comfortable. Their products range from clothes and home accessories to crystals and apothecaries. The boutique supports local artisans, women-owned brands, and small batch goods.

Shop | Starting at $6.00

Reyna Noriega

Reyna is a young Afro Latina author, educator and visual artist who hopes to empower women and make them feel represented through fine art. With a majority of female clients, Reyna wants to inspire women on their journeys to create inclusive, conscious and forward-thinking businesses. Her shop includes her original artwork as prints, throw pillows and stickers.

Shop | Starting at $3.00

Wynwood Tribe

As a sustainable and conscious fashion marketplace, Wynwood Tribe features eco-friendly brands with handmade or recycled products which support charities and women empowerment. Their website groups brands by categories such as “sustainable,” “hand made,” “upcycled,” “organic” and “social impact,” so there is plenty to discover. Their goal is to make you look good while supporting the economic growth of small communities, charities and the environment.

Shop | Starting at $4.99


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