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Impact.Edition and Good Miami Project invite you to be a tourist in your own city and explore community stories and inspiring photography through their multimedia transit exhibition

Impact.Edition and Good Miami Project present Who Is Miami a first-of-its-kind multimedia exhibition framed in bus stop shelters across Miami-Dade neighborhoods. On April 23, almost 200 guests joined the inaugural gallery preview at the Main Library. Viewers can learn more about the changemakers-in-portrait by scanning QR-codes on the artworks.

Who Is Miami is an alternative way to discover this beautiful city through the lens of Greg Clark’s photography and our stories about social innovators who make tremendous and - sometimes invisible – efforts to make life more just, resilient, and sustainable,” says Yulia Strokova, Founder and Creative Lead of Impact.Edition.

We call them ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They are of different ages. They are of different cultures and skin colors. They work in different industries. But their truth, wisdom, power, and beauty are in what they believe, what they tell, and what they do for a better world.

Impact.Edition is an emerging nonprofit media that serves to empower people with best practices and creative solutions for a more just, more sustainable world. Its community journalism merges meaning and emotion to drive positive social change, raise awareness about the most pressing problems and connect on a human level. On April 23, the passionate editorial and creative team presented its first printed magazine, full of stories that enrich our souls and fuel our minds.

“Something as simple as a story, or photography, can accelerate social discourse, justice, and inclusivity in Miami and add meaning to our city and uniqueness to our communities. We hope you’ll find inspiration in this collection of our most in-depth, inspiring stories of people driving change fearlessly and tirelessly. They bring us back to our shared humanity, empathy, kindness, and solidarity,” continues Samantha Schalit, Impact.Edition’s Community and Editorial Lead.

Among featured organizations are Project T.H.U.G., Miami Workers Center, Love the Everglades, Guitars Over Guns, Green Haven Project, Shake-A-Leg, Miami Waterkeeper.

Good Miami Project provides pro-bono photoshoots for Miami-based nonprofits and individuals who work to make a difference in Miami. Images are free for the organizations to use.

“I started the Good Miami Project to help Miami nonprofits during the pandemic, increasing the need for many of their services while cutting their access to critical funding and volunteers,” says Greg Clark, a Miami-based Environmental and Social Documentary Photographer.

“It's pictures of good things, it's obviously subjective, but it's about good people, organizations, and places. Who Is Miami is our passionate trial to capture these moments of good deeds, document them in photography and community journalism, and convey all these stories, visual and written -- to a broader audience.”


The project “Who Is Miami: Storytelling For Change” is supported by the Green Family Foundation, the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, the Miami Foundation, and the Miami-Dade Public Library Systems.



On view through August 13, 2022

Main Library, Miami-Dade Public Library System

101 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33130

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